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Zion Medical provides groundbreaking medical solutions and supports innovative research.
Medicine is advancing rapidly, presenting new opportunities and possibilities. We aim to save lives and bring hope for cure to millions around the world.


  • Zion group of companies was established in 2014
  • Developing AIDS and Cancer curing products based on peptides derived from HIV and targeted lenti virus particals
  • Proprietary basic technologies was developed in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem
  • Patents cover treatment of AIDS and Cancer. Additional patent in preparation
  • The development team consist of the original developers and specialists in cell cultures manipulation with Lenti-Virus particles (such used in Gene Therapy)
  • Cooperation with Mt Sinai AIDS research laboratories
  • Collaboration with Sirion Biotech
  • Collaboration with┬áCancer prevention center at Tel Aviv Sourasky medical center.
  • OCS application in process
  • Collaboration with “Neve-Or” AIDS treatment and research┬ácenter at Kaplan medical center.

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