Groundbreaking research



Groundbreaking Research

The Discovery That Will Change The Face Of Medicine

Israeli researchers managed to destroy cells infected with HIV and Cancer cells.


  • A breakthrough in AIDS & Cancer treatment
  • Biological targeting of the curing products to the infected cells as well to the Cancer cells
  • Promoting specifically the death of the HIV infected and Cancer cells
  • Safe with minimum side effects
  • Zion medical group present this new experimental drug, named Gammora.

Gammora contains peptides derived from HIV virus that promote infected cells into self induced death (apoptosis), and Lentivirus manipulation in the case of cancer therapy.

This process will thus cure both illnesses by killing the infected cells without harm to normal cells


  • Demonstrated the effectiveness of the peptides to eradicate HIV infected human cultured cells in Israel (Hebrew U.)
  • Demonstrated the activity of the peptide on HIV infected mice cultured cells in N.Y. (Volsky)
  • Demonstrated the activity of the peptides when using lenti-virus particles as the vehicle to introduce the “killing genes”.
    In Israel (Smart Assay Labs- Rehovot)
  • Demonstrating the effectiveness of the peptides on blood drown from HIV patients.
    In Israel (Kaplan Medical Center, Rehovot)
  • Demonstrating thr activity of the peptides together with lenti-viruse particles in lung cancer cells and pancreatic cancer cell. (Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center and Kaplan medical center, Rehovot).