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Groundbreaking Research

Zion Medical has been an established scientific research company with knowledgeable and experienced staff, committed and dedicated in the field of AIDS and Cancer research.

We aim to bring to the market a cost-effective treatment based on findings from extensive research to the entire target demographic irrelevant of income or status.

Our groundbreaking research and patent protected findings are the basis of a new era of Cancer and Aids-free world. Join us!

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Curing the world’s most intimidating threats


The HIV/AIDS epidemic constitutes a global crisis that has far-reaching consequences in all areas of life: social, economic, legal and medical.

Aids treatment

The usual treatment for HIV is currently a “cocktail” of several medicines which prevent the penetration of the virus into cells and further reproduction, so that the level of virus in the blood remains “under control” until an outbreak takes place.

Disadvantages of
Current Treatment

Up to 15% of carriers are likely to be infected with a virus that is resistant to medicines…

About Zion Medical


Zion Medical provides groundbreaking medical solutions and supports innovative research.
Medicine is advancing rapidly, presenting new opportunities and possibilities.
We aim to save lives and bring hope for cure to millions around the world.